Teahouse Films

Teahouse Films is a student group born out of Villanova University’s Social Justice Documentary class.

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Teahouse Films is an independent, student-run production company. This project requires the time and commitment of the filmmakers, but resources such as equipment, translators, transportation, guides, and funds to covers the costs of travel, living, production, post-production and distribution as well. We are relying on the generosity of donors to help us fund this project we are so passionate about. Please take the time to review this campaign in order to gain a better understanding of our inspirations and goals for this film.

The costs of producing the film were as follows:

            • Equipment: $6,600
            • Airfare: $17,840
            • Room and Board: $5,940
            • Visas: $1,267

We are currently fundraising to offset the costs of production and to raise funds for post production needs such as color correction, sound mixing, premieres, film festivals as well as a unique summit we are putting together to raise awareness for the cause.

The costs of post-production is roughly $7,050. Your contributions can bring this project together and drive the messages of community, development and hope home.