By Cameron Piper

It’s hard not to take the time to take in the serenity of the place we’re in.  In doing so, I am able to reflect far more on privilege and a true simplicity of life, compared to the fast paced environment back in the States.  A lot happened yesterday that has caused more reflection today. It all started with the inauguration of the Children’s Program.  The entire community met under some rickety tarps set up against the Profugo house to celebrate a new initiative.  A new initiative that the whole community is contributing towards because they all know it will help better each and every one of their lives – even if it’s not directly.  This new Children’s Program will help for a better future in the village by educating all of the children and providing healthy outlets for growing minds.

At dinner, I was sitting next to Aneesh.  Aneesh has been an amazing help to our group and is consistently smiling with a positive attitude.  Even after he comes to help us early in the morning, having been kept awake by his seven month old child, he selflessly lends himself to our group.  His genuine positivity is something that you don’t see in many people, especially in the United States.  To have met someone, and to honestly call them “brother” after hardly knowing them is truly unique.  Aneesh is someone that embodies potentially thousands of quotes that famous people have said, but when it all comes down to it, he’s there for the sake of everyone in his life.  He always talks about how everything that he does simply boils down to love.  Loving those around him, loving what he is doing in his life, and loving the place he lives.  If I am able to leave this country with just a small piece of Aneesh’s mentality, I would be forever indebted to him.