By Keelan Malone,

Throughout this whole experience I gained a lot of respect for Documentary films and in general. It takes a lot more personal naturalism than I thought. You have to get to know the people you are interviewing and try to get what both the interviewee and the audience want at the same time portraying a great story line. It takes more than the cameras and lighting to get the best you can get out of the project. It is very up close and personal, which taught me the lesson to either do what I love and am passionate about or not do it all. If I’m not truly passionate then I miss the opportunity to have the great impact I could have on the group. Not only did I not feel truly apart of the group I feel the fact that my passport ended up being reported stolen is a symbol of my initial involvement in the film. In retrospect I’m learning a lot more about syncing and editing the film, which helps me understand the filmmaking experience a little bit easier. Even though I didn’t end up going on the trip to India it was still a life learning experience that I would not have gained if I didn’t take this course.