Prashanthagiri is a village situated in the Wayanad District of the State of Kerala. Historically, Kerala, “God’s Own Country”, is more advanced in terms of education and literacy than other parts of India due to governmental programs designed to lift communities and provide the people with skills. The communist government in this region enacted initiatives to ensure the presence of an educational system, means of transportation, and government-funded jobs. The livelihood of most people in Prashanthagiri is reliant on farming and day laboring jobs. However, despite being more advanced than other parts of the country, this region faces it’s own set of troubles. Historically, the people have had a lack of access to drinking water, farming was disrupted by weather and insufficient revenue, little to no access to health facilities and problems arising from culturally-rooted gender limitations. These fuel the cycle of poverty in Prashanthagiri and other villages like it. Men find solace from the stresses of labor in alcohol, women are confined to the home and powerless to speak out and children’s education suffers as a result.

It was this glimpse of the cruel effects of poverty, within the framework of a country that is deeply tied to its historical traditions, and the subsequent response of the villagers to the problems they face that has inspired this film. Teahouse Films has been privileged enough to spend time with the exceptional individuals who are raising their community from the ground up in order to foster a safer and brighter future and this film shares their story.

October 14, 2013-IndiaBig-7834