Profugo, Italian for “refugee”, is an organization that seeks to help lift displaced communities through a series of sustainable initiatives. Through projects involving agriculture, water collection, tailoring training, resource management, as well as education in health and the English language, Profugo is empowering individuals in Wayanad, India. Local community and members of the organization are collaborating to pioneer a sustainable future for this district, and we hope to further enable their development as a sustainable community. We spent our time with the field fellows, Tyler, Emily, and Isel, and saw their positive position in the community and dedication to these projects. Aneesh James, devoted also to the social development of his hometown of Prashanthagiri, provides the link between the fellows and the community. The field fellows invest in cooperation with the community members and only concerned with building a foundation that will sustain development in the long run.  [www.profugo.org]

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