Paola Gadala-Maria

Paola Gadala-Maria Sound & Composer

Paola is a Junior Philosophy Major with a minor in French and Engineering Entrepreneaurship from Miami, Florida. She used to not know what she liked or what she wanted to study until she found out that she could simply study these doubts and questions in Philosophy with others that were just as confused as she was. Paola has learned that we are all in a way lost and constantly on a journey. The problem is that a large part of our society is quietly living in their own bubble and she thinks we need to be aware of this and get out. Paola joined this class in hope to make people aware of other worlds that are occurring parallel to ours. People have stories that need to be heard and we can go out there and make that happen. There is nothing better than meeting new people and learning about new cultures. It all comes down to having a conversation. We all have the foundation to grow and progress, it just takes the act of asking why and how in order to ignite the soul and gain knowledge to form a bond.