We are a student student group born out of Villanova University’s Social Justice Documentary Class, Teahouse Films. This fall, we travelled as a team to Wayanad, India and lived with a village community in this district for the duration of two weeks. The purpose of this documentary is to capture the extraordinary relationships being built within this community as well as with the individuals who work for Profugo, connecting western and eastern cultures, and how the strength of these relationships and the grassroots work is undoing the vicious cycle of poverty that pervades the village.

This project requires not just the time and commitment of the filmmakers, but resources such as equipment, translators, transportation, guides, and funds to covers the costs of travel, living, production, post-production and distribution. We are relying on the generosity of donors to help us fund a project we are so passionate about, an unfolding story we believe so much in. Please take the time to review this website to gain a better understanding of our inspirations for this film and our goals for this journey. We have included a synopsis, film ideas, visual proposal, budget, production schedule and a short introduction to who we are.


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